EFinance is a charity contract
In modern conditions, DeFi projects simply do not have the ability to limit their potential by narrow specialization. Rapidly changing market conditions require versatility and flexibility from projects - only in this way will they be able to provide their users with a steady income from yield farming.
The EFinance platform provides a wide variety of investment products: yield farms and pools. Thanks to this diversity, users can quickly maneuver their funds between these products and get the greatest possible profit. Moreover, the platform provides a set of automated tools for implementing a wide variety of investment strategies.
This set of investment instruments is supplemented by a developed mechanism for protecting the value of native tokens (and, as a result, investors' funds), which provides protection against market volatility and unstable global economic situation. So EFinance not only provides a stable and high income, but also protects users with its carapace.

The EFinance project is a fully decentralized investment platform managed by its community through the decentralized autonomous organization - EFinance DAO.
EFinance works on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. This blockchain was chosen because of its unique combination of technical excellence and proven reliability. At the heart of the Binance Smart Chain is the Ethereum blockchain - the most popular (including in DeFi) blockchain in the crypto world, which is used even more than the Bitcoin blockchain.
However, Binance Smart Chain is not a simple copy of Ethereum - Binance has used all its financial and human resources to improve it. As a result, transactions in the Binance Smart Chain are much cheaper, and the throughput is higher.
In addition, the support and development of Binance Smart Chain is carried out by perhaps the best development team in the crypto space - the huge resources of Binance make themselves felt.
A similar approach was applied to the choice of an approach for creating a Masterchef EFinance contract - a smart contract that controls the operation of the platform. The EFinance Masterchef contract is a fork of the PancakeSwap Masterchef contract.
PancakeSwap is the largest, most popular and most successful DeFi project on the Binance Smart Chain. It has already passed serious testing and has proven its reliability and excellent balance of the tokenomics embedded in it. In addition, the EFinance team has significantly upgraded and improved this contract.

The following options are available on the EFinance platform:
  • Yield farms where tokens EFiance are mined
  • Liquidity pools that enable the operation of a built-in decentralized cryptocurrency exchange
Such a wide list of investment products solves two problems.
First, EFinance users get the opportunity to create an investment portfolio that provides a stable income from various sources with an individual balance of profit and risks.
Secondly, EFinance users can quickly respond to changes in the situation in the DeFi market.

When making a deposit in farms and pools, as well as when making transactions on the built-in decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, the EFinance platform charges a small fee:
  • Deposit fees in farms and pools: 4%
  • Trading fee on the exchange: 0.1%
All collected funds are used to increase the profit of all participants of the platform.Welcome aboard!
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