Financial transactions
As a platform for popular financial futures trading


The e-wallet connects to the API input of banks and financial applications.
Use payment, payment for purchase and sale transactions, conditional sales contracts. Store assets and earn profits with savings investment solutions.
Ensure security, privacy and decentralization.


Cryptography: Using public key and hash function to ensure transparency, integrity and privacy.
Peer-to-peer network: Each node in the network is considered as a client and also a server to store a copy of the application.
Game theory: All nodes participating in the system must obey the rules of the consensus game (PoW, PoS…) and are motivated by economic motivation.
From a business perspective, it can be called an accounting ledger, or a database containing assets, or a data structure, which is used to record the history of assets between members in the network system. in the same level.
From a technical perspective it is an immutable method to store the history of asset transactions.
From a social perspective it is a phenomenon, which is used to establish trust by consensus rules among members in a hierarchy.


Smart contracts are digital contracts written in code on the blockchain platform, which can operate automatically and allow parties to exchange virtual assets, services, stocks, etc. transparent manner without the need for an intermediary or witness.
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