Strict safety guarantee
Despite all the advantages of the PancakeSwap Masterchef contract, it has a number of serious disadvantages, the largest of which is the so-called Migrator code. This is a fragment of the code of a smart contract that allows its owner to transfer funds blocked in it to any addresses in the Binance Smart Chain.
In PancakeSwap itself, this did not become a problem - the function is used only for managing funds in the DAO treasury. The largest project in the ecosystem, closely connected with Binance itself, have no need to scam its users - everything is fine for it anyway.
However, the Migrator code forces users to trust the contract developers. And this trust has already been deceived many times - the number of scam projects using Migrator code is already in the dozens.
We consider this situation unacceptable, so the Migrator code has been completely removed from our contract fork, so there are no more tools for withdrawing funds from the contract in the code.
Last modified 6mo ago
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