Token information

Basic Information

  • Token Name: EquaSwap Finance
  • Token Symbol: EFinance
  • Contract Address: 0xed9bed9ce8f1620bf1637f2cf30b084f17b436f3
  • Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
  • Decimals: 18
  • Max Supply: Unlimited
    • Round 1: 550,000,000 EFinance
    • Round 2: 450,000,000 EFinance
    • Round 3: 500,000,000 EFinance
After completing 3 rounds. The project will put up pancakeswap.
The owner will be transferred to the Masterchef contract to farm
Masterchef tokens: 0xFDc53A963b282ef66e99F8Ba5766bea71636752f
After transferring the owner for the Masterchef token, the owner no longer has the right to mine further.
Ownership contract is converted into an operating address

Transfer Tax

  • Burn Rate: 20% of transfer tax will be burned immediately
  • Total Transfer Tax Rate: 5% of every transfer

Emission Rate

  • 1 EFinance / block
  • 0% to the dev team