Storage computing
Decentralized Cloud Computing
The cloud storage model on centralized servers of big companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Dropbox, etc. is expensive, outdated and lacks security. Since all data is centralized at these companies' servers, you are at high risk of data loss if their servers are hacked. What if you could securely store low-cost, high-speed data in the leftover “storage” of computers around the globe?
Using blockchain technology, this startup creates a platform to help users earn money by renting out excess hard drive space and bandwidth and "selling" them to parties in need. In return, the cloud tenant also enjoys a service that is not only cheaper, but also safer and has faster download speeds. The reason is because the files will be encrypted (only the owner has the open code) and divided into many small pieces to distribute to the storage of many different "hosts"; No single person or company can access all files or control downloads. The complete file is downloaded at the same time from many different repositories, so the speed will be higher; it will also be assembled from small pieces into the original when you download it from the cloud.
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